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BASIC ARTS EDUCATION | Changing The 'Order' of Things

Hart Culture C.I.C. is responsible for Inspiring Excellence in the Arts through Local Communities. It is an award winning Company both in the UK and with International Acclaim. It exists primarily to promote 100% Positive Achievement and Cultural Engagement in the UK. So why is Basic Arts Education so important to Hart Culture? And, furthermore, why has no other Arts Firms in the UK specialised in ‘Basic Arts Education?

For most firms it may not be in their interest to ‘Enrich’ People, as their livelihood usually depends on profiting off of ‘cheap/affordable Manual Labour’, and generating ‘Spiritual hostages’ in urban settlements? Urban Prisoners are created in between the walls of the ‘Council Estate Property’ and the ‘urban ghettos? It makes no sense in an economy built on ‘materialism’ to be introducing a Basic Arts Education Schema to help people to relate and appreciate the ‘natural life’ giving world around them, and the universal laws that hold them all together in place and in perfect harmony. Africa once lived in Spiritual and matrimonial harmony with nature, but now must ‘sign a form’ and request a ‘VISA’ to cross a border or get access to ‘clean drinking water? Feed their children or go to School (In some places there are still no Schools available to African’s).

At Hart Culture C.I.C. we are specifically serving Non Traditional Audiences and Ethnic Minority groups in the UK, (Please also see the authentic meaning of ‘Non - Traditional Audience’ - Nations Of Nubia’s Traditional Audiences) however, our following has become much more popular not just in the residence of the UK, but also on the Continent, The Caribbean, The USA (A Hart Scarab follower got a tattoo of the Hart Scarab on his back and posted it on the modern Social Media - Facebook site, which was around the time of the ushering in of the 2012 Golden Era - The last 10 years of Spiritual Subjugation of African Peoples around the globe) Brazil, Sudan and beautiful Egypt. We are trying to reach out to Communities rendered the ‘untouchables’ (In most cases due to extreme exclusion and prejudice) and trying to salvage the peoples that have been directly affected (‘Affected’: Pretentious, Artificial, synthetic, mocked and man - made slavery) by the 400 - 500 Year long ‘Imperialist Spiritual War’ (Again ‘Affected’: Pretentious, Artificial, synthetic, Man - made and mocking human enslavement) waged primarily by Europe, Britain and Dominions of the Arab World.

The horrible war that declared that "We" Non - Traditional Audiences (Please also see the authentic meaning of ‘Non - Traditional Audience’ - Nations Of Nubian’s Traditional Audience) are "ugly", "you are irrelevant", you are "dirt" and "You will never amount to anything in life? (Please see the ‘Comment’ log on YouTube videos logged under ‘African History subject Videos’ - The Imperialist Super Power that had Plundered Africa’s natural wealth and resources such as precious rocks, Diamond, Crystal, Onyx, Sapphire, Rubies, Sugar Cane, Leathers, Fine Peacock Feathers, Timbers, Oaks, Ebony, Ivories, Leopard Skins, Rubber, Coffee and Tea at ‘Gunpoint’, had then proceeded to make ‘Sceptres’ for themselves out of Gold and Diamond to capture the ‘Spiritual Dimensional properties’ of these people to denote an ‘instant culture’ of ‘Supply and Demand’.

The Golden Sceptre’s line every Royal Palace and ‘Mayor’s Office’ enclosure. It is a symbol - that ‘we’ (Imperial powers and forces) have ‘plundered your Resources’ and now we will take ‘All Authority’ of you as a people from generation to generation? Why is it that ‘Gold’ does not grow in the UK? Sapphire can not be found in London? Coffee does not grow in Devon? Cocoa can not be grown in Cornwall? A Lion’s natural habitat is not Essex? And no Cotton grows in Sussex? The only supplies that can be produced in the UK is the Milk, Butter, wheat and Bread to sustain (Meaning sustain: keep up, keep going, prolong, continue, protract and lengthen) this charade?
Why then is 85% of the Market controlled by the people who ‘have nothing to show? Our misery of living in the ‘dark recesses of these Alien Cultures, Alien Customs and Alien Language is being ‘Pro - longed, when it is being ‘sustained?

Naturally, African’s possess a mind of their own and stay loyal to their counterparts. This attitude has been corrosively reversed? When you seek to ‘Find your identity and link up with like - minded people’, they say that you are a ‘wonderer? "The Mind is wondering? The ‘Mind’ is wondering because it is ‘Not’ in its natural environment or proper spiritual dimension. It is therefore a spiritual law that it ‘finds’ its true place of ‘belonging’. The ‘Wandering’ is a spiritual outcry for ‘home’. A Philosopher once wrote on ‘The Golden Rule’ that it speaks all about how each ‘Race’ has its own home and ‘belonging space’, that no other race has the right to impede upon it. However, the ‘African Parent Race’ find themselves ‘Out in the Wilderness?

The Bible or Ancient Kingdoms would call our current ‘dwelling’ the equivalent of ‘Babylon’ or ‘Shaol’ - a kind of perverse ‘Underworld’. Where nothing is sacred, and nothing is sanctified; only ‘Acts of pure evil’ are worshipped and glorified. The complete and polar opposite to our existence.

Such ‘natural phenomenon’s contained in the ‘Spiritual Dimension’ that are reflected in the ‘stones’(As above, so below) and in the ‘spiritual fabric’ of an unaltered ‘reality’ (Universal) is thus now used as a ‘secret weapon’ rather than a ‘blessing’ on the African Peoples. The ‘jewelleries’ used to decorate the ‘skin’ and adorn the ‘head’ is now the ‘head of Authority’, and the ‘skin’ now a badge of National shame? Oh, how the tables have been turned?

The Tower of London has a Room of ‘Golden Sceptres’ lined up 10 strong along a crimson wall. The ‘Crown Jewels’ (Hosted at "her Majesty’s Palace and Fortress - Known as The Tower Of London" as highlighted in an active dialogue box in the ‘Google Search’ column) has on public display a 4.5 metre sword made of Solid platinum and engraved insignia declaring - "Spiritual War and Justice? Are these ‘Royal Palaces, actually Palaces of ‘Spiritual Warfare? Securing the ‘Rule’ of a Class of ‘Conquerors’, Conquistadors and Opportunists? How else, can it be that a population ‘out numbered’ can ‘Rule’ over the masses? and with ease? An ‘outside dimension’ unknown to the ordinary man must be summoned? (Modern day witchcraft and sorcery) What could possibly be the basis of their power? How is it conjured? What is being conjured?

Upon visiting the ‘Tower Of London’ for the first time, there were millions of poppies sprawled all over the front lawn, covering it over in a sea of red? We take it, that this is the men and women who died and gave ‘service’ in the war? So is this what the ‘Tower of London’ is built on? Is this what the Tower of London stands for?
The civilisations of the ‘liberalised west. More rivers of blood? Is this the ‘ticket’ for economic success?

And, is this the advice that will be given to the ‘developing nations’ to secure better ‘cities (more rivers of blood)? Again, the same theme runs through this - The flowing Blood of Men and Women? Unbecoming, Ungodly and inhumane.

The next preparation for ‘control’ over such foreign, ‘Other’ and Alien peoples (According to the Founding fathers of America, Europe and Germany) for the purpose of ‘building themselves a Royal Throne’ was to literally use the precious Rocks, Metals, Alloys and Diamond to ‘Encrown’ their own heads and to ‘control’ the African Peoples from a throne of Authority of reverse engineering (Against Godly principle and motion), ‘False ideology, Falsified Education and Ungodly Dominion’. If we do not understand the beginnings of such Ungodly Dominion over masses of people, then how can we put the right solutions to the problem?

The ‘Ungodly dominion’ is building a seat of ill - gotten ‘Authority’ for itself out of the blood, sweat, misery and tears of billions of African People every single day? This is exactly how it intends to live and thrive? (Whatever it is) How then can we solve the so called problems of the world that everyone wants to ‘Solve?

Once you are willing to ‘dig diamonds’ for a living for less than $1 (Foreign currency) per day, you are building ‘the Ungodly Seat’. Once you are willing to turn a blind eye to ‘Racism, Sexism, Prejudice, Paedophilia and Pornography’, you are garnishing Ungodly nations with profitable Economies? Once you are willing to like what you don’t like and refuse to like what you should love, then you are prospering the Merchants of Sales and Fortune? Once you are willing to take a back seat and bury ones head in the sand, you are helping to advance the liars, thieves, spin - doctors, ruthless capitalists and careerists.

This spans generations beginning with Poverty, disease, bad health, fatigue, racism, prejudice, paedophilia, marrying young child brides, Teenage Pregnancy, prostitution, slums, ghettos, violence, gang culture, economic downturn, death, high divorce rates, under - achievement, little or no Education, inequality, homelessness and hunger? We can never stand a chance to see righteousness in the world, with the ‘Ungodly dominion’ looming over our affairs, marriages, Education, Health, stealing wealth and causing chaos in Communities and the Cities?

The Imperialist War suddenly declared that ‘We are Disorderly and brutish’, simply to condone the swift building up of an Alien World within the World, of which "We", enslaved African’s would never ever be considered a ‘respected part of’. This reality is something that over 1.2billion people live with hopelessly every day.

No, the world is not alright. Every ‘joining’ and ‘aspiration’ into this new
‘order of things’ means the absolute ‘loss of soul’. It is the ‘order’ of "Give me everything that you own or else! Worship my Image and return my money back to me 100 fold in your work, sleep, play, religion, entertainment and of course in Marriage.

The Soul belongs to God, and not ‘Man’, as ‘Man’ in his ‘Manly’ state is in need of God. Man can never be complete while on earth. There is always something that must be added to him to build him up. The Imperialists of the time understood this, which is why it was important to strip ‘African men’ of their Wealth, Identity, Culture and Language, so that they can be ‘humiliated’ and therefore be rendered ‘Useless’ or ‘A Nobody’. This is a strategic thing. Therefore, as Hart Culture looks to be the ‘Transformer’ of the Century and of the Golden Age, then we too must ensure that we plan a ‘Strategic Recovery’.

The first place to begin is always in the ‘Mind’. The Mind holds the key to one’s destiny, and therefore must ensure that the Mind is back in tact. Its is a sacred place, and holds a sacred connection to Almighty God the Father. His Face is embedded in our image. Education plays a major Role in this ‘Systematic Recovery Model’ for African’s and people affected by ‘Imperialist Spiritual Warfare’.

This is why the first place that we held a ‘Centre for Basic Arts Education’ was the Tate and Lyle Sugar Factory in Silvertown. Hart Culture C.I.C. began its first Mental Reparations Program at The Tate & Lyle Sugars Factory since 2011.

The Workshop was aimed at Communities directly affected by the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade such as Jamaica, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago, St Lucia, Dominica, St Nevis and St Kitts. We must re - trace (Sankofa) every step that was taken (War, Conquer, Pillage, de - humanisation, Plundering, History, Education) to aid our ultimate ‘downfall’ and disgrace on the World Stage?
African’s have always had a distinctive Identity, and this hasn’t changed for the last 5,000 years. There is African Royalty, Ancient Dynasty and the ‘Invention Of The African Slave as By - Product’. When Countries that surrounded the borders of African Kingdom’s, there was always the temptation to steal, borrow and trade to build one’s own ‘empire’. Africa was already established and had been for the last 5,000 years.

However, as ‘man’ began to travel and get the ‘thirst’ for ‘power’, moving into the realms of ‘supreme power’, African’s became the target for ‘work force’ and ‘manual labour’. The Arabs had been buying and selling African Slaves before Europe to build their ‘Ideal Cities’ and ‘Empires’ outside of Africa.
Then came the European’s beginning with the Portuguese that begun buying and Selling Slaves and then ultimately taking over Land Ownership and clamping down their authority through the aid of the ‘law’ and invention of ‘The Written Word’ (Which was at one point illegal for African’s to read and understand it) to subjugate and create the ‘world of European Supremacy’. Concepts such as ‘You don’t have any identity’ then began to play into the Minds and indoctrinate the Mind’s of African’s after the ‘Conquest’ was finally over in 1885 at the signing off of the Abolition of Slavery ‘Bill’
(European Supremacist written law) at The Houses of Parliament.

This is the season of the Mayan Calendar for ‘Change’ and ‘Transformation’ - Golden Era and Alignment Anniversary. There are currently 215 Organisations and individuals that have ‘aligned themselves’ in tandem with these views and principles. They are applying the ‘strategic recovery plan’ in their work, play, entertainment and relationships. Over 500 Posts are created daily on their current development via Social Media, Twitter, Youtube Videos, Books and Events.

The Hart Scarab was the traditional symbol for ‘Change and Transformation’ amongst the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Nubians and notably the Royal Pharaohs (Temples). The Hart Scarab was the first traditional Newspaper and News Source in the Ancient world, then came the ‘Word Press’ and then the ‘Book’. Hart Culture has been offering a series of Transformational and Transpiring Programs in the H[e]art of the ‘Golden Era’ season
upto - December 2012, and beyond. A great example of ‘How’ to use our ‘Energy for Positive Activities’ and to improve the outlook of ‘Humanity’,
Hart Culture was proud to present - Sistah Circle, an initiative sponsored for 2 years. It was an intuitive Brain gym Program for grassroots communities by Team Leader of Jamaican heritage - Ms Bianca Tomlinson. Tomlinson quotes - "It is a good opportunity to meet with Sistahs once a month who want more out of life and to be inspired to reach their Potential".


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