This article was compiled and edited by
Medina Ratherton and Ms Chermiah Hart FdA BA (Hons), 
July 2014, for the Institute of Black Academics concerning Black Under achievement.

PUBLISHED 09 JULY 2014  15:26

For a successful black community, Hart Culture C.I.C. has ordained the model and universal law of ‘Positive Energy’ to carry out the vision and movement of the ‘Inspire Excellence - Always’ vision.
Why? Because we can, and because we have over 250 case studies in the Hart Culture archives that exemplifies this vision.  There is currently over 150 videos and exclusive interviews of hard evidence that attest that it has already been met and delivered.

The ‘New World is run on Positive Energy – emitted by Electricity? But “we”, (Africans in captivity) were the progenitors of the first rather primitive ‘concept’ of ‘the energy transfer? (From Africa to the New World via the notorious Slave Ship). This was the ‘manual’ version? Energy + Exploitation = New World Order? A chemical (Khemit reaction) reaction, on a global scale that would change the world for roughly 5 generations of Africans. In science, on a molecular level - this is what happens when the negative and positive ions collide and the positive ions get charged, rather excitedly and whizz around – they create ‘change’.  Essentially, a ‘hybrid thing’ is made, but please don’t ask me to recite the racial ‘mixtures’ and plot them on a re-constructed colonial 6th dimension chart? Apparently James & Sons has gone out of business!

We created ‘change’ by transforming ourselves from the “9th” dimension to the “6th” dimension with the help of the worlds most notorious Slave Masters - Hudson, Francis, George, Hubert, Lynch, Williams, Forester, Dupont, James, Windsor and 45,000 others. They don’t owe us a ‘penny? We ‘owe’ them for giving us the experience of a lifetime. This is something that could not have been pulled off without expert supervision? To be delivered safely into ignorance and perpetual darkness, could only have been done as swiftly as it was with strictly qualified top line staff of Satan himself. Any other ‘group’ of people may have taken pity and ‘set us free’ after the first decade, or worse, destroyed us completely - thus, risking their right to existence itself in human form. Having the right balance is everything. The Post Graduate Academy of Satan’s compulsory School of unethical Entrepreneurship was obviously under subscribed, but seems to be recruiting again since the ‘credit crunch’ and European recession.

The Europeans were obviously collecting PhD’s and Masters degrees with honours - literally from this ‘distinguished Specie’ himself and asked to produce Case Studies for the next generation of Apprentices.  To move from one proximity to the other, could finally be done through an extreme throwing away of every logic that we knew and dangerously disposing of any common sense that God himself had authentically fused into our DNA over the past 10,000 years? We saw it drained out into the Atlantic to make way for ‘Cargo carrying Tobacco? Once a great privilege for the ‘Upper Class’, at the expense of disposing of God’s finest blue prints to humanity. Of course, ‘smoking Tobacco’ has priority over nature’s will to continue? No, cheap labour and divine energy is the only force that can sustain ‘tobacco, sugar and coffee plantations’. It is needed exclusively on the tobacco plantations, not ‘praising the most high God’ - of ‘no mans land’ to satisfy the ‘demand’ of a people that had never seen Gold before in quantities of more than a token ring or neck chain? Setting up shop on the Pseudo discovery of the ‘Caribbean’s’, Haiti and Brazil, then defying every law of energy and biological regeneration would be paramount and the worlds top economic priority. This ‘transition’ (Stripping of Intelligence and Dignity) was primarily to avoid a lot of gun powder, rape, whipping and degradation, courtesy of the devil’s most premium discounted rated service (cheap labour). Buy one for the price of 200.
As a people and community on the move, we have had to accommodate a primitive and pseudo alignment to ‘power? - Economy. The ‘Big Idea’ of the 21st Century, was to ‘Rent Power’. As long as you could piece together a contract of ‘Business’, you could rule the world. And then even in that case, hey, you could ‘Rent it’. Therefore, you could have no skill or intension to pick and process cotton; however, you could be the sole person in control of 54% of the Worlds Cotton Production? You could never have had worked on a Plantation in your life, or seen that settlement of a Plantation, but own 100% of the people working that land and production. You could take 110% of the profit, and if you wanted to see your revenue increase, trade in the ‘cheap labour’ to collect insurance pay outs, this could be done by literally hauling ‘the enslaved’ over board.

 Change only happens after ‘action’. The positive movement of the ions propels the physical matter to ‘respond’.  Therefore, if we want to see our DNA healed, then we need to expunge out the ‘negative programming’ of such parasitical anchors? Anchors that tie us to the ‘6th Dimension’, which is the lower realms of human existence. In short, we really do not need to be in the 6th Dimension longer than we need too. The Devil’s leasehold for cheap labour has expired 21 December 2012 - as Kirk Franklin, the Spiritual Team Leader of Award winning Gospel songstresses - ‘God’s Property’ goes, “It’s over now”. With the ‘non - renewal’ of the Devil’s contract of cheap labour of demotion to the 6th dimension, we can hopefully say “No more crying at night”.

Positivity causes the ‘bus’ to move? the ‘train’ to run, the electricity to light the banks.
This in turn ensures that you get to work? You hop on and off the train and you get paid, because the computers process transfers to the bank? Cities are built upon electricity, which carries a charge? Objects that exert electric forces are said to have a charge. And of course we know that ‘Charge’ is the source of electrical force!

If we can ‘Charge’ people with an electric shock every time they try to embed a ‘self destructive’ program such as ‘envy’, hopefully, we’d be more the richer and certainly should carry a bigger charge.

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